Unnecessary Red Licorice

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It was our second date. Did she like whiskey or gin? Maybe neither. Hopefully both, but i wish i knew what she wanted exactly. I was a renowned low budget, scotch person, two cubes and something to wash it down. I ordered for her, she smiled. Lucky guess, I suppose, I’m not telling you what I ordered for her. The one thing we had in common was red licorice. I used to put them in her locker during tutorial. Our first date was awkward; different events occurred in which “fate” brought us together for no reason. Music brought us to a common ground, a ground that was wet and rough but never judged. Our taste in music was rare, and we always got silly at shows. She dug my shoes which sparked conversation. She kept sneezing, I told her to hold her breath. I said it sarcastically. She took it…

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With the amount of work that we put in to become successful, we become susceptible to comparing ourselves with others. We are suddenly engendered to feel a variety of emotions: anger, rage, envy, pride. These comparisons give rise to individuals focusing all their attention on their opponent. And therefore, the distraction demeans them and holds them back, causing their fruition to take an eternity to reach.

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Every individual and thing strive to look appealing. They conform to nature’s views of being attractive and make it an obligation to follow them. They strive to look better. Beauty can be perceived as to be fragile. A label that can be lost and broken spontaneously in a fraction of a second. A possession that can be stolen easily. All it takes is an effort, then it can be preserved.

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You spontaneously view an entity taking up space and your curiosity is developed; noticing a particular object with your peripheral vision and having it slowly vanish as you focus on it; suggesting and believing incidents and situations that just occurred, but slowly realizing that it never happened. The psychology of the brain is rather complex and ambiguous. Spontaneously, you could be bombarded with something that you truly believe is true, but then, soon after, doubt comes into play. You become assured that it’s false, and your beliefs change. Little did you know that it was all an illusion.

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The art of cooking is a skill that must be developed and mastered over time. The determination and the patience that one must have to augment this skill explains the reason for its popularity. With every accented letter included in the name of a gourmet dish, which influences its elegance, the level of exquisiteness that the meal contains is increased. And therefore as the customer admires it the one who’s task was to create the marvelous dish gains overwhelming gratitude. This mutual, positive feeling is what greatly attracts many individuals to learn this skill and to master it for the benefits of both themselves and the people around them.

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The infiltration that the body goes through due to the infection of a minor, minuscule and manipulative pathogen causes it to slowly deteriorate without the owner’s attention. But, as the overwhelming and prominent symptoms take place, the owner is left helpless and weak, thus allowing the intruder to thrive and remain victorious. The only solution for this plight is to receive some help. Most specifically, receive some help from the hospital.

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