Caffeine blackout

As the morning siren sounds and the light shafts radiated by the sun cut through the translucent, laminated glass window that’s been decorated with posters revered by many, the sweet and sound trance that is sleep is broken, and a new day commences.

The Weekend: days dedicated to relaxation and are anticipated throughout the week. Running through the pile of sheets that were stacked up in front of you, you skim through the documents and quickly make your way down to the footer of the pages like you do with every rules and regulation online form which you encounter. Without being aware of the repo cautions,  you succumb to the enemy that is boredom and indulge in some “sightseeing” – skimming through each corner of the room like you did with your paperwork. Noticing every fault that is present around the room and allowing your minor OCD to breakthrough. Partaking in competitions between your mind and your body. Measuring the speed of the “ticks” that were made by the clock as each second went by. When the sound of hills from a Gucci male designer shoe makes contact with the marble floor tiles of the office grows louder, the sightseeing is terminated. The intimidation grows. The work begins. The thought of the weekend throbs the back of your mind like a persistent toothache. The anticipation becomes too overwhelming.

Then it arrives. Overnight you become immersed on crime investigation channels. You then enter the realm of Netflix and take in every episode of Game of Thrones like a drug. Time is nothing anymore. The binging becomes so intense that you don’t notice that it was 6:00 am already. Reluctantly, you make your way to your bedroom and make an effort to get ready for the day. In the middle of brushing your teeth, you notice that you are not able to do this yourself. Coffee, your close and loyal companion, was needed to help with the drowsiness. Once the awakening occurs as a sip of the steaming, runny cup of coffee is taken in, your senses develop and become more sensitive. The drowsiness dissipates. You are able to start off the Saturday correctly and appropriately.

Once you look through the paycheck that you’d just received days before, you finalize the total amount that you currently have preserved in your bank account. With between 200 to 300 dollars, you budget the amount you would use for the day. As conclusions are made, the car engine starts to roar. The insertion of the Toyota key warns the vehicle that they are about to be ridden. Then once the object pivots 90 degrees the Toyota is ready and the journey commences.

On the road, you appreciate the skills you have from maneuvering through obstacles and you earn gratitude from avoiding any accidents that may have potentially occurred. You gain pleasure from spectating every bystander that walks on the pavements and you wonder if they envy your means of transport. Suddenly, you are at your destination.

Starbucks: the vacuum that sucks in every young adult within the vicinity of 3011 E Colonial, Orlando. This modern western cafe is a hotspot that attracts every individual and is revered by many. The scent of caffeine-filled, Central African robusta beans baffles you and reassures your addiction to this magnificent brewed drink as you enter the building. Even as you notice that you already had a cup of it hours before, the compulsion led by the coffee’s scent lures you towards the counter and, with the familiar sound of money being deposited into the cashier’s tray, you find yourself sucking into a rainbow-filled, succulent pool of nourishment that’s enshrouded by a translucent plastic cup.

Consequently, the surge created by the caffeine dies down once the day ends. Slowly you relive the drowsiness that you experienced in the morning. However, due to the excessive amount of energy that was used up, your body starts deteriorating (figuratively not literally). Then your body gives up on you. It sets into minor hibernation mode. Without being aware of your actions, you find yourself in a bleak and desolate area. The panic starts and you suddenly realize that you can’t escape the place. The plight leads you to become vulnerable and confused. The memories of the day are lost. The amusement vanishes. The interactions you made between strangers at the nightclub you’d just visited disappears. Nothing, but the moment before the excessive intake of caffeine.

As the morning siren sounds and the light shafts radiated by the sun cut through the translucent, laminated glass window that’s been decorated with posters revered by many, the sweet and sound trance that is sleep is broken, and a new day commences. However, it’s Sunday. You start the day differently now. With eyes locked onto your computer screen, you try to make a log of what you remember. A log of what had happened before the caffeine black out.



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