The art of cooking is a skill that must be developed and mastered over time. The determination and the patience that one must have to augment this skill explains the reason for its popularity. With every accented letter included in the name of a gourmet dish, which influences its elegance, the level of exquisiteness that the meal contains is increased. And therefore as the customer admires it the one who’s task was to create the marvelous dish gains overwhelming gratitude. This mutual, positive feeling is what greatly attracts many individuals to learn this skill and to master it for the benefits of both themselves and the people around them.

It all starts with “Wannabe”. Scrolling through the channels displayed on a television screen, instinct influences Wannabe to remain on one fascinating program. He lays stuck on the couch like he was part of it. He spectates the high-definition images which are transitioning and switching on the LED screen in less than a millionth of a second. This program reveals the crazy and hectic duties of a group of chefs as they live under the influence of the judgments and orders given by a rather insane, high-tempered, and egocentric being. The anarchy within each scene exposed the distress that every individual felt as they carried out their duties. Boiling, slicing, shredding, these people were engaged in many brutal and cruel actions. It’s amazing.

Transitioning from dull, boring and raw ingredients, the many vegetables, fruits and dairies that were previously reserved for ages in the kitchen are skillfully combined to reveal complex, mouth-watering, glamorous meals which express excitement and satisfaction. However, the rigorous actions done to these inanimate objects insinuates a sense of torture. Blades impaling into their bodies; their protruding parts being amputated; their skin is peeled off to reveal their flesh underneath, they are obliged to endure all of it. But, as they are just inanimate, no empathy is given. And even when the torture is over, they end up being devoured and broken down into their simplest and ugliest form: feces.

Gordon Ramsey’s Hell Kitchen is showing. Wannabe’s fascination with the show influences him to gain a new skill. Like a sim in a game of The Sims 4, he experiences a sense of fruition as a new interest has been attached to his  “simology”. Although the intimidation that Gordon Ramsey gives to his employees is extreme and rather potent, he disregards that and focuses on appreciating the dishes that are made. And, fortunately, without any criticism from Ramsey the Supreme, he is able to explore this art.

Everyone has to start somewhere. Even if it means questioning the category that the most fundamental ingredient (a tomato) belongs to, commencing a new skill is essential for one’s progress. Dicing, chopping, hurting: the difficulty that is felt from using a beginner’s equipment – a knife – stresses Wannabe, but his devotion to this skill keeps him resilient. Indulging in such a duty impresses Wannabe and makes him feel like he’s similar to the experts that he just witnessed on television. As he regards them as masters his strive to possess the expertise that the Supremes have heightened. He soon finds himself constantly engaged in chopping legumes, dicing carrots, and serving delicacies.

Consequently, this addiction changes him. His interaction between the ingredients that he sets out and his ability to work with them morphs into one that is exceptional and outstanding. The versatility of the ingredients that he uses contributes to the exquisite meals that he prepares. Wannabe, being accustomed to the harsh process that comes from following a recipe, experiences joy from his improvement. Now that he qualifies to be a supreme, he now looks at the chefs, who instigated this need to learn this skill, as his equal. In fact, the honor and the integrity that he now has influenced his name change. From the undermining and the inferior “Wannabe”, he becomes “Success” and has fulfilled his dreams to become an expert in this art.

Therefore, Success’s approach to developing this skill most certainly represents the beauty of the art of cooking and the fruition that one experiences once it’s mastered. It also presents how someone as egocentric and scary as Gordon Ramsey can influence another to be as professional as him in such a skill.



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