Living Human

Calamity is always present. Havoc is always present. Peace is always missing. With every resentment and loathe that each person in the world carries, the meaning of being human is lost.

Society’s influence has corrupted our minds. We strive to belong. Even though “difference” is presently considered to be a perk, people still neglect it and succumb to the pressures of society. And although media perpetuates the joy of being authentic and unique, the majority still shun those that are considered to be different. This discrimination is something that shouldn’t be tolerated by any individual.

Evidently, we have a long way to go to reach fruition. We have a long way to fulfill our needs to be all seen as humans, to unite as one, and to have peace. However, with the contribution of: higher authorities, who use their privileges to ignore the opinions of their community and to oppose the advocates of love and unity; the close minded, ignorant individuals, who make it their duty to counter the thoughts of many others that actually spend time researching and collecting essential information about their beliefs; and those that desire to hate, who immerse themselves on the internet and fail to acknowledge the feelings of their victims; this wish can almost be impossible to achieve.

Unfortunately, in reality, peace is something that is difficult to possess. Even though we mitigate the amount of crime and hatred in the world, it will always be present. Although this may sound extremely pessimistic, there is still some truth to it. Within the 7,000,000,000 population, there is a slight amount of people who are infatuated by calamity. Therefore they make it their duty to inflict pain on the world. They attempt to block out every hint of happiness present because of this desire. It is so heartbreaking.

Somewhere, anywhere in the world, there is peace. The gleeful chirping of the birds as their glorious, majestic wings defy the laws of gravity and grants their owner the ability to soar through the sky and attain serenity; the inevitable blossoming of the flowers as they expose the radiant colors that they veiled through out the year; the sweet and pleasant aromas that are expressed due to nature flourishing: this is nirvana. This is heaven. This is a place where urbanization doesn’t compete with nature. There is no corruption, nor laws and deceit. The only rule that all must abide by is to live freely. It’s beautiful. It’s a place that is out of our reach.

I would say that humans are the epidemy of corruption. With our susceptibility to go against our own species to rage wars and to wreak havoc, there is no denying that. However, as we settle at the top of the food chain, our arrogance also leads us to do so. Without humbling ourselves, others that are beneath us are led to extinction. And this hubris will lead us to our downfall. It is unfortunate.

On the other hand, if we acknowledge who we are and neglect all the pride then we could save ourselves. It just takes one to be enlightened. It takes an individual to realize what atrocities we’re doing to ourselves. It takes a person to know how, no matter how different each of us is, similar we are. It takes a world to notice what is humane. And that will reveal to us what it means to be human. Then unity and peace will be attained.



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