Every individual and thing strive to look appealing. They conform to nature’s views of being attractive and make it an obligation to follow them. They strive to look better. Beauty can be perceived as to be fragile. A label that can be lost and broken spontaneously in a fraction of a second. A possession that can be stolen easily. All it takes is an effort, then it can be preserved.

Colour seems to be one of the bases of beauty. The more the variety and the vibrancy the more alluring something is. With a spectrum of reds, blues, and yellows, a mesmerizing blend of beauty and elegance ensues. The universe contains all these colors. From the dull, dusty brown color of earth, to the neon magenta star dust spread within it, this vacuum can be labeled as the most beautiful space to live in (pun intended).


Then comes uniformity. There is a certain intricacy in neatness. Like a freshly cut garden that contains a hedge with finely trimmed edges or a portrait that uses symmetry to produce an attractive individual, orderliness is essential. In these examples, to fulfill this orderliness detail is fundamental. And once those details are acknowledged then it can be viewed as beautiful.

However, this beauty is temporary. Unlike the Universe, which is always expanding and changing, as things begin to remain stagnant and no change is experienced, people start to lose interest. Their glamorous appearances are taken for granted and therefore unappreciated. As people seek for new things that they’d never seen before, they neglect the others. It is unfortunate, but natural.


001 (2)
The art of Makeup – This is my painting.

The art of makeup has conserved beauty. Experimentation by artists led this. With the ability to apply all sorts of colors and materials onto the body, glamour and elegance take up a new form. Being able to manipulate someone’s physical form and to produce something beautiful is astonishing. Fortunately, we have full access to the appliances needed to do so.

Although, with the need to always apply all these artificial materials on our skin, we forget what is natural. Natural beauty is lost due to the presence of them. Due to the need to conserve beauty, we move from what is standard to what is exceptional and therefore our attention towards our permanent corporeal form is lost.

The same goes for the environment. As we grow tired of the cacophony of sounds expressed by animals in the wild; the pleasing swaying of waves as they rush towards the coastline and break into tiny droplets of water; the joyful and glamorous movement of color as a group of marine animals swim within exuberant corals, our focus strays away from our surroundings. Then, without even knowing, we punish these ecosystems. They become destroyed and abandoned.

Evidently, Nature needs beauty to live. Everything needs beauty to survive. That is exactly the reason for the blossoming of trees in the spring; the exposure of vibrant petals as flowers bloom; and the exotic and distinct colors of many animals. These characteristics benefit these species. And that’s why beauty is really fundamental to us humans. We seek for security and love and, with the possession of this characteristic, we are able to obtain them. Therefore, like the universe’s tight grip on this characteristic, everything must possess it and must maintain it.


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