Caffeine blackout

As the morning siren sounds and the light shafts radiated by the sun cut through the translucent, laminated glass window that’s been decorated with posters revered by many, the sweet and sound trance that is sleep is broken, and a new day commences.

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Living depressed

This is my attempt to make a poem. It is a dialogue between an individual who is explaining the concept of depression to another curious individual. Just be aware that where there are a lot of question marks, the person speaking is the curious individual. Disclaimer: The answers given are all based on the depressed individual’s perspective on the topic.

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As already specified in the title, this blog is intended for me to share my feelings, my opinions and my thoughts. It is my personal space, which I don’t mind to share in public. With this, I am able to express my feelings freely and open up to the issues I face. Thank you for visiting my site.

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